Bug Wall Installation Instructions

So your new Bug Wall has come in the mail. Well, that means it’s time to learn how to install your RV bug screen, and we’re here to help. To ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible, the first step of any Bug Wall installation is to take a look at this article. While this installation won’t be too difficult, you should still be sure to follow the instructions closely. With our help, this can be a low-stress endeavor! After all, the unofficial first step of this installation is to crack open a drink. Cheers to a bug-free van!


Once you have all your pieces laid out, you’ll want to position your screen at the top of your van’s doorway. You can either use a couple of clamps to hold it up or have a friend or two hold it in place for you. When the screen is centered and lined up, you can pull off the top section of the van’s weather stripping.

After you get that strip off, you can start moving your screen into place and use some of your clips to hold it. Once the netting is secure, you can push the weather stripping back into place and remove the clamps. Just make sure you pinch the stripping back together before pushing it back on.

At this point, you’ve finished the top, so you can move down the sides one at a time. You’ll follow the same process of removing the weather stripping by putting the screen in places and securing it with a few clips before pushing the strip back in place.

If you’re doing an RV bug screen installation for a side door, you might have some trouble at the bottom near the step. It’s possible to push the strip back into place, but you’ll need to work it in from an angle. If it simply won’t go back in, you can remove the step and push it in normally before putting the step back into place.

A key factor to remember when doing a Bug Wall installation is that you want the screen to be tight but not so tight that it won’t close properly. Fortunately, these screens are very easy to adjust while installing them thanks to the clips we give you.

Once your Bug Wall is in place, you can use a knife or pair of scissors to cut off the excess fabric around the edges. After that, everything will be complete. Just be aware that your installation might vary slightly depending on your brand of RV van and which door you’re working on. If you would like to see how it’s done, we have some videos that will show you the techniques mentioned above.