Mosquito Net Accessories

When you buy a DIY bug screen for your van from The Bug Wall, you get much more than the screen itself. You’ll also get some mosquito net accessories to go along with it. Some of these items will help you put up the screen, while others are things that you can use to show off that you’re the proud owner of a certified Bug Wall. Below, we’ll cover everything that comes with your Bug Wall purchase.

The Screens

Obviously, the main thing component of your package is the screens. There will be one or two of them, depending on if you bought a DIY mosquito net for your side door, your back door, or both of them. They might look the same at first glance, but once you open them up, the difference will become obvious. The screen for the back door will be larger than the side one.

Thick and Thin Clips

The next mosquito net accessories are the thick and thin clips. These little pieces of metal will help hold your screen in place both during installation and after everything is in place. They are small enough to easily fit underneath your van’s weather stripping.

The key difference between them is the thick ones have a wider opening than the small ones. The reason for this is the edges of your van’s door opening will have different thicknesses of metal. The thin clips will fit nicely over the thinner section, while the thick ones will come in handy for parts that the thin clips can’t latch onto.

Stickers and Patch

Once you have your Bug Wall installed, we want you to be able to let the world know you’re proud of it. That’s why we give you some stickers and a patch in each shipment. You can place the stickers wherever you like, but the best place to put the patch is on the screen itself. That way, anyone who admires your new bug screen will know who to thank for it.

Bug Wall Koozie

Finally, since the unofficial first step of any Bug Wall installation is to crack open a drink, we’ve also included a Bug Wall–branded koozie. We don’t want your hands getting wet or cold while setting everything up, so we include a koozie as a way of saying thank you for your purchase, and we hope you enjoy your new bug screen.