How we got here.
The Bug Wall was created for our personal family van. There was no name..it was not a product at all it was just a screen so my wife would not worry about leaving the doors open in the woods.  Our van was built by family for family.  Dutch & Dutch did the bulk of the work with interior design and sewing help from Jr's wife Lindsay.  The challenge of our van conversion was it needed to seat 4 and sleep 4+. Oh..and we also wanted a shower. A 2020 Ford Transit Extended was the answer. We sold our truck and truck camper and converted to van owners.
We haven't looked back. 
Being a life long finish carpenter and cabinet maker I set out to build a van.  All of the interior components were second nature to me.  Even all the 12V electrical was familiar as I attended Automotive Tech School.  The soft goods of the van tapped into my past experiences with marine canvas. Once my screen doors were complete the multitude of people asking and requesting to purchase one is how TheBugWall.com came to be.  The challenge was creating a screen door made of quality materials at a fair price...I believe we accomplished it.  
Our production facility is based in Conway, SC near Myrtle Beach, SC. We manufacture our screens right here and ship to the USA, Canada and the UK.