Why Is Van Living Becoming So Popular in the US?

Why Is Van Living Becoming So Popular in the US?

We all want a comfortable living situation. For some of us, our vehicles can provide that pleasant form of living. When traveling, vans—especially those which have been outfitted for long-term living—can provide more versatility than your average car. It’s an interesting question, though—why has van living become so popular in the US, and why is it gaining popularity amongst younger and older generations alike? Keep reading to explore these questions with us.

Better Affordability

Van living allows you to enjoy life at a lower price. As with any form of housing, bills—such as water, gas, and electricity—can be a source of worry; however, these payments can be much cheaper than those associated with your typical house or apartment. The biggest money-saver linked to van living is the lack of rent or mortgage payments.

The price difference between a house and a van is immense, with the average home price ranging in the hundred-thousands and a van ranging in the ten-thousands. Over the past couple of years—and especially during the pandemic—the housing market saw an increase in both the number of homes for sale and the price of said homes. These increases make the potential for buying a house a challenge for many. Van living, therefore, has become a popular way to live comfortably in the US.

Increased Wanderlust

After spending the past two years in a nationwide quarantine, many people have experienced an increase in their longing to travel. Road trips are the easiest way to move around over long distances and see nature. To live their best van life, many people configure their vans to provide a more comfortable setup and make their travels easier.

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Easier Maintenance

Owning a van—much like owning a house—will sometimes require maintenance. The difference is, van care is easier to keep track of because your van will need routine tune-ups to ensure its proper functioning. Additionally, the cost of vehicle maintenance can be significantly cheaper than home maintenance—depending on your van’s rate of wear and tear.

Van living is a great lifestyle choice with many perks you won't find in more traditional housing. When you’re ready to start your new van life, The Bug Wall is here to help you choose the right insect screen to keep the bugs out and the good times in.

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