Why a Bug Screen Can Help You Save Money

Why a Bug Screen Can Help You Save Money

When you travel around in your camper van, you will spend most of your time outdoors, where plenty of insects may want to make their way inside. Installing a bug screen will be your best defense against bugs, but you will also find various monetary benefits that come with it.

You'll Have More Freedom To Let The Fresh Air In

Air circulation is important when living in an enclosed space, and you can't always rely on the air from the van to let in the fresh air. A bug screen in your van's doorway will help you let fresh, cooling air in and prevent you from getting too warm. The bug screen will save you money, especially in the summer when you may need to rely on the air conditioning in the van or an electrical fan to cool you down. Air from outside will do a great job of keeping your body temperature down as you stay out of the sun's hot rays.

Bug Screens Are Long-Lasting

Many parts of a van will eventually wear down and require replacement, costing you a lot of money over time. But the bug screen is one installation of a camper van that you don't need to worry about. Bug screens will last over a decade with proper care and protect your van from bugs. The bug screen will mitigate costs thanks to its long-lasting defense and light maintenance requirements.

They Help Maintain an Ideal Temperature in the Van

During the fall and spring seasons, temperatures normally range between comfortably cool and warm. You may want the fan blowing on you or the heat trapped in the van, but a bug screen will supply a great medium by allowing sunlight to come in. When the heat from the sun comes through the bug screen, it will feel like a refreshing burst of warmth that will balance out temperatures inside.

The regulated temperature will help you feel less inclined to use energy from power sources, such as the van, and save the money that you would have spent recharging or replacing the battery. Some camper vans, such as the Sprinter van, won't have many windows to let in sunlight, so a Sprinter van bug screen will help you let more light in and create an environment with the right temperatures.

The bug screen will protect your van from bugs and defend you against extra costs. Look into your various money-saving options at The Bug Wall for some great bug screens to install in your camper today.

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