Ways To Entertain Yourself When Living in a Van

Ways To Entertain Yourself When Living in a Van

Van life is an exciting lifestyle filled with natural landscapes and open roads. But despite the great scenery, boredom can occur when you’re inside the van for long periods. You’ll need different ways to entertain yourself, and these are some of the best and most convenient ways.


Reading a book is a healthy and convenient way to keep yourself entertained in your van. The right book filled with excitement and intrigue will keep you occupied for hours, helping the time go by. Additionally, starting a series will give you multiple books to read, ensuring you always have something to do.

Sing Along to Music

Music speaks to the soul and helps people focus on something. Singing along to some of your favorite tunes will help you feel engaged and prevent boredom. Try also listening to new music when you have the chance to download it. The new songs will keep you interested and delighted.

Start a Hobby

A hobby is a great way to sharpen the mind and entertain yourself in your van. There are numerous hobbies you could start on the road during your downtime, such as drawing, painting, making music, and knitting. The best hobbies for van life are ones with materials and equipment that can fit efficiently in your small space.

Watch Downloaded Shows and Movies

Being less connected to the internet does not mean needing to give up watching shows and movies. Download them when you can, so you can occupy your free time with this cozy activity. And if you have the means to cook, you could make some popcorn. Note that a van bug screen could be useful for this activity to prevent bugs from entering for the bright lights and yummy snacks.

Even though van life isn’t always filled with excitement, there are numerous ways to keep yourself entertained in your van. With these four ideas, you have reliable ways to make your downtime fun.

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