Ways To Add More Luxury to Your Camper Van

Ways To Add More Luxury to Your Camper Van

The lifestyle surrounding the camper van involves hard work and many outdoor settings, but there’s plenty of room for luxury. Adding a splash of opulence and a touch of glamour will make a difference in your van’s appearance and change its atmosphere. Use these ways to add luxury to your camper van and change your lifestyle to achieve excellence.

Use the Finest Materials for Your Bed 

Your bed is an important part of your van; adding luxury will improve the van and your sleeping experience. Sleep like royalty by adding silk or cotton sheets with a high thread count.

Thread counts ranging from 300 to 600 will feel the most comfortable, and if you’ve had a long day of hiking, you’ll appreciate the royal treatment. Add comfortable pillows with silk cases and a soft comforter or blanket for a luxurious feeling and appearance.

Putting it all together and creating a bed that looks neat and has the best materials adds more luxury to your camper van and makes the space more inviting. Use high-quality materials for your furnishing to improve the quality of your van and how you rest within it. 

Add a New Coat of Paint

Paint on your van will create an appearance of luxury depending on the color and the type of paint used. Use a paint with a moderate shine and a brighter color to add a luxurious appearance to the van. A nice eggshell or cream will make the camper look more glamorous.

Colors such as green or orange need specific shades, such as seafoam green for comfort or dusty orange for a subtle tone. Colors make up the world and help us define good and bad. Slap a fresh coat of paint onto your van to add luxury and make it look wonderful wherever you go. 

Change the Way You Enter

You’ll want to feel welcomed and right at home whenever you enter the van. Adding certain features to your doorways will make the van feel posh as you enter your luxury pad. Create the feeling of stepping behind a curtain into your world with the addition of a Sprinter magnetic bug screen. This accessory will keep pests out while improving safety and appearance.

A border of string lights is a quirky addition that provides elegance and brightens up your world as you walk in. A bowl of herbs or some flowers will emit an aroma that sets the mood for a relaxing natural space and makes your van unique with a luxurious feature to your senses.

Luxury for your van is within your grasp with these ideas. Make your van trip a 5-star stay with these additions and bring an atmosphere of luxury wherever you go.

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