Van Camping Hacks: Camper Van Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Van Camping Hacks: Camper Van Tips & Tricks You Should Know

There are various camping methods regarding your mode of transportation, the storage you use for items, and the area where you sleep. A person may use a camper van as a place to sleep, eat, and as a mode of transportation. There are numerous ways that this vehicle will help you during your time camping with tips and tricks that you may not know.

Almost Any Van Can Become a Camper Van

Camper vans aren't tied to a single model or build. They come in many different brands with different structural designs. As long as the vehicle has front seats and open space in the back where multiple objects have room to sit, your vehicle may be a camper van with the proper conversions.

The conversion of a van will involve multiple layers of implementation with counters, seats, and possible furnishings depending on the ideal product. Some vans will have different modifications, such as the Sprinter van bug screen; others have smaller frames like the Volkswagen camper van, so there will need to be some discretion when deciding what to use to configure your camper. But regardless of what the van is, it is still able to convert into a camper for your travels.

Choose What Feels Comfortable

Anything you add to your van should fit your comfort level—whether it’s a massage chair or a granite countertop. There are many ways to style the interior of your camper van, and if you want your camping experience to be pleasant, you'll need the best products. For any upholstery, you'll want to use a cloth-type covering to secure the heat in the van; leather works as well, but it also retains cold, which will feel uncomfortable on bare skin.

Any installations such as counters and tables should have a plastic or wood material for lighter weight and oxidation that could occur with metal. For the floors, you might want to choose a hard material instead of carpet in case you spill food or want to worry less about vacuuming.

Simple Builds Make a Better Space

At times, it may be overwhelming to try and figure out what you want your camper to look like, but a simpler build will save you a lot of time and effort. The most straightforward build involves removing the back seats of the van and leaving an open space to throw any items in whatever organizational structure you want. In this format, you will have room to sleep, move around, and change clothes while saving a reasonable sum of money.

As time goes on and you plan on making more extensive trips, you have the option of adding new things to fill up the space and create a more efficient build. But these additions should come after you have gotten used to the simple build you originally had.

Sleeping Space

A basic sleeping space does not have to consist of a mattress or a cot; you could use something simple like a sleeping bag or blankets. A collapsible sleeping surface is a great idea when camping and is a reliable camper van hack that will save you space for other items. Eventually, you could upgrade the van to have a comfortable chair that folds into a small bed to allow leg space when you are awake and a place to sleep around bedtime.

Eating Space

Like your sleeping space, your camper eating space is ultimately up to you. Your eating preference could be anywhere with a basic setup where you only have the van floor. But when you add installments such as counters or a table, you will have more options of eating in a seated area or standing up and leaning on a counter. When you have a countertop, the crumbs or food droppings you create will be easier to clean, and you'll have an easier time vacuuming if you have carpet in your van.

Hygiene Space

Keeping up with other hygiene needs other than brushing your teeth and hair may be a little complicated in a camper van, but there are ways to compensate for the lack of running water. Campgrounds and campsites will usually have water available, and although it is susceptible to contamination, boiling it is always an option to purify it.

You may bring a small hanging mirror to pin to the walls inside of the van and see yourself as you wash your face and get ready for exposure to the world. Later, you could add upgrades to your camper to have a built-in mirror with a water basin to use as a sink.

There's More Than One Way To Stay Warm

The outdoor nights may become chilly, especially in the fall and winter months. Insulating the camper with materials like sheep wool or cotton will trap the heat inside and keep the cold out, helping you stay warm on those cold nights. If you need more heat in tundra areas, lining the sleeping area or the inside of the sleeping bag with blankets will make you feel warm and comfortable.

Simple Meals and Food Prep Will Save Energy

It is challenging to make food when you don't have an oven or stove. A microwave is an option, but that requires electricity from a power source such as a generator or solar panels, which cost money and take up space within the van. Instead of preparing the food on the road, try making it ahead of time, so you only need to grab it and eat it.

Plenty of meals, such as vegetables, fruits, or jerky don't require heating up. And if you do need to warm up your food, starting a fire is a readily available option.

Prepare Your Van for Stealth Camping

Stealth camping is the act of parking in a lot, building, or anywhere else where you are less likely to run into anyone. Stealth camping keeps your vehicle away from others and allows you to stay within the city in an emergency. Preparing your van for stealth camping is an excellent way to stock your van for staying inside the van as much as possible, and you'll still be prepared for camping outdoors even if you don't go stealth camping.

If It's Portable, It's Helpful

Multiple portable devices such as portable showers and toilets will help you on your trip. These valuable tools are great camper van hacks that are simple and effective, especially when combined with today's technology. Some portable showers have solar panels to heat the water, so you don't shower in the cold.

Camping in a van may present some challenges for people. But when you know a few tips, tricks, and hacks, your camping trip will be an easy time.

Van Camping Hacks: Camper Van Tips & Tricks You Should Know
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