Tips for Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Van

Tips for Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Van

The time you spend outside should be fun and relaxing as you breathe the fresh air and take in the sights. But when van camping, you may encounter certain issues regarding the local wildlife attempting to enter your vehicle. It's advisable to keep unwanted rodents out of your van as best as possible; luckily, you can keep your space rodent-free with a few simple tips.

Cover and Close All Open Spaces

Rodents are generally small, and some have collapsable rib cages that allow them to squeeze through very tight spaces. There are numerous ways that a rodent may enter your camper, and their entry points are not only limited to the door or windows. A mouse may enter through the tailpipe, or a shrew may find its way into the engine by accessing openings in the air intake at the front of the van.

Keeping these areas covered is essential to preventing rodents from entering your van; using sheets, tarps, and caps will make this possible. Placing an exhaust cap over the tailpipe will help you keep everything out, from rodents to dirt and leaves. If you have a Sprinter camper van, its smaller size may cause mean it sits lower to the ground, allowing more rodents to get in through the door when you aren't looking. Using a Sprinter magnetic bug screen will create a barrier that prevents small animals from entering, as it automatically seals when you enter or leave.

Use Scents and Essential Oils

Rodents have sensitive noses, allowing them to smell scents more effectively. Strong smells such as peppermint and vinegar will keep rodents away due to their overpowering scents.

Rubbing essential oils infused with peppermint on parts of your vehicle will coat the van in the smell and deter rodents from getting closer and finding their way inside the vehicle. Localize the scents on the lower parts of your vehicle so that rodents will smell it on approach and scurry in the other direction.

Dispose of Food Away From Your Campsite

Food attracts all forms of pests, especially during the colder months when natural food sources become scarce. Food eaten around the campsite should be disposed of in a separate area to keep rodents from entering the van.

Food scraps will attract rodents to the campsite and entice them into the van as they search for more food, especially if you keep the scraps in the van for disposal at a later date. Keep all food sources, eaten or whole, covered or thrown away in a location away from the van so that pests won't become attracted to the smell and attempt to get inside for a free meal.

It's important to take precautions when van camping to avoid attracting rodents such as mice, rats, and anything else that may squeeze into your vehicle. These methods will help you keep vermin away from your van so that you can rest easy without worrying about any uninvited guests.

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