Tips for Measuring a Bug Screen for Your Van

Tips for Measuring a Bug Screen for Your Van

The time you spend in your camper van enjoying the outdoors feels great. But uninvited guests, such as insects and other pests, will prevent you from having a good time. Installing a quality bug screen will help you keep your van secure from bugs, but it's important to have the right measurements before adding it to your camper.

Note How Thick You Want the Frame To Be

All bug screens have a frame that holds them in place, and the screens vary in size and thickness. It's important to measure the frame surrounding the bug screen to ensure it will fit inside the window. A loose bug screen may fall out of place on the road or during inclement weather.

Keep the Van in Mind

Different camper vans come from manufacturers, such as Sprinter vans or Ford Transit. These vans will have different configurations and sizes that may affect your measurements or how you implement the bug screen.

Measure the area around the van opening to ensure that you understand the limits of length and width that will determine the size of your bug screen. Please pay close attention to the corners and other grooves, as it's easy to overlook them and leave space in those areas that may lead to some bugs finding their way inside.

Know What Screen You Want

Bug screens come in various formats with different attributes. When measuring a bug screen for your van, it's important to consider the screen type's special needs. If you have a RAM Promaster sliding door screen, you need to consider how you will measure the screen so it doesn't become caught in the door when it opens or closes.

Using your bug screen on your van will help shield you from bugs and other small creatures that want to make their way into your home. The measurements you take for your bug screen will be very important if you don't want to make any unnecessary mistakes and have the best result. These measurements will also help professionals and make their job easier if you hire them to install the bug screen on your camper.

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