Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Van

Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Van

Van life has many perks, such as the freedom of the open road and spending time in nature. However, you may encounter the nuisance of mosquitoes after setting up camp, and you'll need to keep them out of your van. Read on for helpful tips to keep mosquitoes out of your van, and rest easy without the itching sensation on your arms and legs.

Use Essential Oils

Small insects will feel the effects of certain smells and herbs. Use essential oils in your van to keep mosquitoes away and prevent them from landing on you. Mint is a common deterrent for mosquitoes and will keep them at bay.

Spray mint oil on the openings of the van to push back any advancing pests. The van will smell like mint for the next couple of days, but it will be worth it when you don't need to worry about itchy bug bites in your sleep. Rub mint oil on exposed limbs to keep mosquitoes off. This method is especially effective at night when bugs may creep into your parked van.

Bug Screens Are the Best Defense

It's nice to open the van’s doors and windows and let the air circulate, but swarming mosquitoes can quickly ruin the vibe. Fortunately, you can install bug screens in your camper van. A Ford Transit mosquito net is perfect for keeping the mosquitos out and letting fresh air inside your van. Install bug screens in the doors and windows to keep bugs out and let yourself relax on a warm summer's day with natural ventilation.

Cover Up Foods and Drinks

Mosquitoes are attracted to the food and drinks you leave uncovered. Salty foods and sweets are prime targets for mosquitos, and any open bottles of alcohol will also lure them in.

Cover up your food when you aren't eating it, and only open it when you're ready to cook or eat. You'll have an easier time keeping mosquitoes out of your van when you keep your food covered and your drinks in the cooler.

Mosquitos are abundant in nature, and you'll encounter them throughout your time in your van. Use these tips to make your van a mosquito-free zone and enjoy your outdoor time without a buzzing near your ear.

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