Tips for Keeping Intruders Out of Your Camper Van

Tips for Keeping Intruders Out of Your Camper Van

Residing in a camper van provides you with the opportunity to explore new areas at your own pace. Like any home, you need to take precautions to ensure no one invades your space. With the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to protect yourself. Use these tips to keep intruders out of your camper, and rest easy knowing your space is safe.

Frequently Update the Locks

Locks are your best friend when van camping, but not all locks have the same level of security. Basic locks on the van’s doors or a padlock are easy to pick or break, and locked doors may not even deter bold criminals.

Use tough locks to keep you and your van safe from intruders. An extra deadbolt on the van’s doors or a lock on the back doors will double your security. Place a lock on the steering wheel in case a crafty criminal finds their way in. A lock on your van’s bug screen will make it even more challenging to break into your camper van.

Install a Loud Sound Trap

Intruders want to avoid exposure at all costs, which provides you with a great opportunity. Installing a sensor attached to a loud sound trap that will trigger if someone enters the van will draw attention to them.

The perpetrator will most likely run away to avoid detection. Attaching a camera to the outside of your van will give you a video of them so you can report them to local law enforcement.

Use an Immobilizer

Despite all your efforts, no place is impenetrable. Someone could break through your defenses. However, an immobilizer will prevent an intruder from hijacking your van after breaking in. This electronic device will prevent the engine from starting unless the correct key is in the ignition.

If you’re away from your van on a hike or a coffee run, this device will keep intruders from stealing your camper van. While you can replace most stolen possessions, it’s very difficult to recover a stolen van, so we strongly recommend installing an immobilizer.

Bring Your Furry Friend

Take your dog with you on your camper van travels! Dogs are great companions with hearing that outclasses a human by a thousandfold. Most dogs are light sleepers and will likely bark if they hear the approaching footsteps of someone who isn’t you.

Burglars don’t want to deal with a defensive animal, so they will think twice about invading your van if they hear your dog. You can return the favor to your protective canine companion by taking them on exciting hikes they will surely love!

Van life comes with the potential danger of intruders. Use these tips to stay safe on the road and keep out uninvited guests.

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