Tips for Falling Asleep in Your Conversion Van

Tips for Falling Asleep in Your Conversion Van

The outdoors are meant to be a relaxing place filled with natural surroundings that put your mind at ease. You may have difficulty falling asleep in your camper van, making you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, we know of ways to help you fall asleep in your van and give yourself the rest you need to continue your travels.

Create the Most Comfortable Sleeping Space

It's common to feel a little uncomfortable sleeping in your van if you don't have the right setup or furnishing. Making the interior more comfortable with features that suit your tastes will help you feel more at ease. Add visuals that comfort you, such as pictures, art, or string lights, to create a nice ambiance.

Your bed should also have the best furnishings—a comforter that will keep you warm at night and a soft mattress that will support you as you rest. Depending on your comfort level, there are numerous ways to configure your conversion van to fall asleep quickly, so don't be afraid to try anything new that you find comfortable.

Pick the Safest Spot To Park

Parking in a secure location will make it easier to fall asleep in your conversion van. Feeling safe is essential to restful sleep. Park in an area that isn't completely vacant, so you'll at least have people around that may help you in an emergency.

You'll want to park in residential areas or places with security cameras, such as a 24-hour store or a rest stop. Campgrounds are normally safe to park at, but you may need to use a van mosquito net to ensure you don't wake up to multiple bug bites on your body.

Block Out Noise and Light

Noise and light make falling asleep difficult, especially in a conversion van. Curtains or removable window shades for the van will help block out the sun or any other light, making your van feel peaceful.

Sounds may be tricky to mitigate since you won't know what may be around the van if you block out all noise. Listening to gentle music through headphones is the best option for putting your mind at ease and pulling your attention away from any disturbances that keep you awake.

Falling asleep isn't always easy when camping in your van, but there's still hope for a good night's sleep. Use these tips to help you achieve the level of relaxation that allows you to fall asleep in the great outdoors and feel well-rested for the road ahead.

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