Tips for Decorating Your Sprinter Van for the Holidays

Tips for Decorating Your Sprinter Van for the Holidays

Many of us enjoy decorating for the holidays, and the many festive decorations put us in a good mood. However, those who live in a camper may not have the same decorative possibilities compared to those in a house or an apartment. Fortunately, these tips for decorating your van will help you have a nice setting ready for the holidays.

Christmas Lights

The bright lights we often associate with the holidays make it a very festive decoration wherever you go. Wrapping multicolor string lights around the roof rack of your sprinter van will make it look like a holiday beacon. Some lights are battery-powered, so you won't need to worry about an available power source, and the lights will work regardless of the location you camp.

Add Antlers and a Red Nose

If you want to go all in with your holiday decorations for your sprinter van, adding reindeer antlers to the roof and a red nose to the front bumper will make a great impression. Sticking fake antlers to the top will be effective since the sprinter van has a flat top that won't disrupt the adhesion. The red nose could be a battery-powered light-up bulb that you turn on during the night to make your camper look like a familiar figure that guides the way on particularly snowy nights.

Wrap the Van in Wrapping Paper

Many people customize their cars by wrapping them, but when decorating your sprinter van for the holidays, using wrapping paper has a more festive effect. Wrapping paper is a symbol that represents the season for giving, and many people will find it clever and comical when they see your camper van covered in various wrapping papers. You may cover the outside and inside of your van if you want to feel like a gift-wrapped present that emerges in the morning for fellow campers to see.

Hang Wreaths and Mistletoe On the Interior

Wreaths and mistletoe are tell-tale signs of the holidays, and many people love to hang them up to feel the holiday spirit. You won't have a lot of room for a tree in the camper van, but you still have room on the walls to hang wreaths and maybe a mistletoe on the ceiling and the rearview mirror. You could create a custom wreath to bring a more personal touch to the holiday season and your van. You could also hang multiple mistletoe inside a Ford Transit bug screen.

The holidays are a time for sharing and decorating. These decorations and your traditions will make your van feel like home throughout the season.

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