Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your RV Bug Screen

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your RV Bug Screen

As you spend time in your RV, you’ll want to keep the bugs and other pests outside to prevent them from annoying you. But if your RV bug screen isn’t in good shape, bugs will eventually find their way in and make a home for themselves. Read on to find out how to clean and maintain your RV bug screen to keep bugs out and help your screen look great.

Don’t Scrub the Mesh

You may notice dust and dirt accumulating on the screen as you travel and camp for days. Although it may seem like a good idea to scrub away the dirt because the screen is metal, this could bend and distort that area.

While this metal is strong enough to keep small insects from flying through, it won’t handle a human hand putting continuous pressure on its surface. The metal mesh isn’t thick enough to handle great pressure, so the edges connecting to the frame will begin to pull away. After a while, the scrubbing will deteriorate the metal and create weak points in the screen.

Instead of scrubbing, use a clean cloth with warm, soapy water to clean the surface. Apply very gentle pressure to avoid leaving a dent or gap in the screen.

Use Canned Air To Blow Away Debris

Occasionally, you may find a scrap of a leaf or a dead insect lodged in the frame of your RV bug screen. Removing this debris isn’t always easy, and using a pointed object to dig into the crevice will scratch up the frame and make your bug screen look less pristine.

Instead, use a can of compressed air to blow away the debris. The air will remove anything lodged inside the frame or stuck to the screen. The canned air will also blow away any pesky insects that continue to crawl along the RV bug screen, looking for a way in.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t always involve harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonium. Harsh chemicals will slowly deteriorate the metal wires of the mesh and cause RV bug screens to lose their durability.

As stated, use warm, soapy water to keep your bug screen in good condition. While bleaching agents will do a solid job, the bug screen won’t need powerful chemicals to get clean, and it will look better by using only mild cleansers.

Your RV bug screen is a great asset to your vehicle, and cleaning it is essential. Use these tips to help you clean and maintain your RV’s bug screen to prevent insects and other pests from entering your vehicle and keep your bug screen looking excellent.

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