Tips for Adding More Sunlight to Your RV Interior

Tips for Adding More Sunlight to Your RV Interior

When spending time in your RV, it helps to have some elements of brightness that make the space feel alive. Sunlight is your best bet in ensuring the interior looks and feels great, and there are some helpful ways to ensure you implement sunlight effectively. Use these tips to add more sunlight to your RV’s interior to ensure brighter days ahead.

Use Objects That Catch the Light

Place suncatchers along the walls on the opposite side of the windows. When the light hits them, you’ll get numerous colors that create an iridescent effect in the RV. Suncatchers come in various shapes and colors to reflect or refract light. Hang multiple in the vehicle for an additional flash of color to complement the sunlight streaming through the window.

Use Reflective Objects

Reflecting sunlight that enters your RV’s interior increases the effects of the sun’s rays. Place mirrors across from the windows and let the light reflect off the glass surface. The casting of light in different directions ensures it reaches different corners of the RV.

Place mirrors at different angles to reflect light and brighten up the interior of your vehicle. Just be mindful of the glare that may come from the mirrors, ensuring it doesn’t impair your vision when walking past the reflected glass.

Decorate With Light Colors

Colors and light are two sides of the same coin. Sunlight makes the colors of your RV’s interior pop while the colors accentuate the brightness of the sunlight. Use colors that illuminate with sunlight, such as a robin’s egg blue or magenta. Likewise, adding accent pillows, artwork, or colorful decorations will help you create a bright and colorful room.

Keep the Windows and Doors Open

The glass on the windows and the presence of the door will impede the path of light from entering your RV. Keep the windows and doors open throughout the day for the most light to make it inside.

If you’re worried about bugs flying into the vehicle, The Bug Wall has you covered with screens, such as our Sprinter van mosquito net. Our products will keep the pests out while letting the light in.

Sunlight is a wonderful part of nature that will make your van look splendid. Use these tips for adding more sunlight to your RV interior to make the best-looking interior possible and bask in the light for a serotonin boost.

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