Things RV Owners Should Know When Traveling With Pets

Things RV Owners Should Know When Traveling With Pets

Spending life on the road and setting up camp in numerous places is a great experience, especially with your animal companion beside you. However, it may be difficult to keep everything neat and orderly when traveling with an animal. Read on to learn what you should know as an RV owner traveling with a pet.

Your Pet Needs Their Bed

Like humans, pets need a comfortable place to sleep. Bring a bed that your pet loves and provide a place for them to rest, whether you’re on or off the road. Their bed could be a regular dog or cat bed, a kennel, or a bed-in-a-box constructed from a cardboard packing box.

Small pets that use bedding in their cages may have a certain type they feel most comfortable laying in. Buy this bedding in bulk for the road since caged pets will soil it often.

Don’t Switch Food and Water

Our pets often have dietary needs, and their digestive tract becomes accustomed to the food and water we give them. Every RV owner traveling with a pet should know the food their traveling companion likes and the water source they’re accustomed to, as both have varying tastes. Avoid switching up their diet with new foods or water as you travel.

It may feel easiest to buy bottled water on the road or give them water from a source on a campground, but doing so may upset their stomach. Maintaining their diet ensures they have a satisfied stomach while traveling; the trip is more pleasant when all companions are happy and healthy.

Consider What They May Scratch or Eat

All pet owners need to be mindful about what they leave in the open. Your pet may cause trouble by eating food you leave out or scratching up your van bug screen when they want to go out. Look around your RV and take note of what’s at risk.

Store your food when it’s not in use, and consider using bug screens with plastic instead for better durability. If you have sensitive documents or priceless technology, keep these items out of reach from your pet and ensure they are in a location they won’t easily access.

Having a pet in your RV and staying safe and organized requires significant work. But by knowing what to expect and avoid, you’ll have an easier time making memories with your multi-legged friend as you travel.

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