The Cost of Van Life: Everything You Need To Know

The Cost of Van Life: Everything You Need To Know

People who live out of their vans or who have converted their vans into campers have the benefit of seeing the world from a mobile home. Van life is an interesting lifestyle choice that comes with its own set of expenses and needs for sustainability. It's essential to know what to expect from this unique way of living and the potential costs that come with it.


Every vehicle needs fuel to remain mobile, and your van will need a constant supply of gas for the engine or constantly charged battery since you will be on the road more often than most other vehicles. If you plan on traveling through different states, you will notice a difference in gas prices; tracking these prices is important for your van lifestyle because it will enable you to fill up your tank in a more cost-efficient manner.


Some campsites require you to pay for every night you stay on their grounds, and knowing how much each night will cost is an important part of van life. Although you may find it simpler to live out of your van wherever you go, campgrounds are suited to handle your needs when you have a camper or large vehicle. Each campground has areas for clean water, lavatories, and firepits, so you will also want to ensure you have the supplies necessary to make a fire and take time to stock up on water.


Although you can try your best to avoid encountering accidents, your vehicle still needs to have insurance, especially if it serves as a mobile home. You will have to pay for insurance on the van and yourself with the premium for health insurance.

On the road, you will encounter potential dangers that may lead to a crash or damage to your van. More expensive van brands, such as a Mercedes Sprinter van with bug screens, will require insurance coverage to help with the cost of damages and repairs. If you are at a lower income level, you may be eligible for state insurance to help you in the event that you get sick while on your travels.


Food will always be a necessary expense, but the amount you spend on food can vary. In addition to purchasing the food itself, you will need to ensure you have the mean to preserve items such as meats and dairy. If you plan to eat at restaurants, you will need to budget accordingly, as those food prices will creep up after a while.

It's important to know the cost of living wherever you go. Van life presents many exciting moments, but you will need to makes sure that you can afford to live this lifestyle.

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