The Complete Guide to Decorating Your RV or Camper Van

The Complete Guide to Decorating Your RV or Camper Van

As you travel and make your home in the four walls of your vehicle, it’s important to plant your roots and make the space unique to you. Since you’ll be around your camper or RV for many hours each day, it’s best to decorate it and give it character. Follow these recommendations for transforming your motorized vehicle into the place you consider home.

Start With a Design

Before making any changes to your space, you’ll need a design to work toward. The design for your motorized vehicle’s décor should reflect your tastes and what makes you feel comfortable. Given the variety of design styles to choose from, you’ll need to play around and consider what you like best and want to see reflected in your vehicle.

A minimalist style will provide more space and room for potential changes, whereas a cottage-core setting will look classic but require some installations. Regardless of your intended design, you’ll have an easier time decorating your camper van or RV when you can picture the final result. Consider a few layouts and draw up backup plans in case one design isn’t as flattering as you had imagined.

Think Small for Big Changes

Although campers and RVs have considerable space, you need to mind the space you use to decorate. Make small changes that will eventually lead to a dramatic shift in your environment. Add small objects to the walls, such as paintings, postcards from your travels, and small trinkets you enjoy.

Change the linens to match your desired design, and add color and patterns to the space. As you add subtle changes, you’ll notice the space develop into one that feels complete. This butterfly effect works well for van goers that aren’t sure what to decorate with. Use small changes that you think look nice; eventually, your space will have a cumulative appearance of your favorite features.

Prioritize Replaceability

If you enjoy decorating and have numerous ideas throughout the year, decorate with replaceability in mind. Having decorations that are easier to take down and pack away makes redecorating easier and gives you more freedom to design your vehicle how you wish.

Use decorations that will fit on wall hooks and nails that will easily swap. Decorating your vehicle is not always easy, and replaceable decorations will simplify the process.

Consider Accent Pieces

Comfort is a valuable aspect of decorating that makes the van feel as good as it looks. Add accent pieces such as small pillows and throw blankets to achieve a cozy appearance. Warm task lighting can make these comforting accents really glow.

These decorative furnishings could go anywhere in your van where they stand out amidst the background. If you have a side of the van that’s a specific color, contrasting accent décor will look great and add an artistic appearance.

Use the Interior and The Exterior

You shouldn’t limit yourself to the interior for your decorations. The exterior has plenty of space to work with and provides a different canvas than the one inside. Decorate the outside of the van with a new paint job.

Using accents for the RV’s lower half will add an interesting contrast of color. Placing small string lights on the top of the retractable awning will make the RV look unique and whimsical. Combine the interior and exterior design to craft a fashionable combo. For example, you can use a red exterior with an orange and yellow interior to create a nice sunset effect when you walk in.

Add Plants To Breathe Life Into the Space

Plants are essential to give a space life. The green of the plants can give a sense of familiarity and safety.

The presence of plants inside will also help you feel the calmness you would feel in the natural setting outside. Hang plants in the corners of your RV or camper for the best location to keep them out of harm’s way and give yourself space to enjoy their verdant beauty.

Use Light to Your Advantage

You can use the ways light enters your vehicle to accentuate its features. Decorate the interior with objects that catch the light, such as suncatchers or stained-glass portraits. These small decorations, combined with light, will create a positive feeling in the vehicle.

You’ll feel a boost in your mood as the light pours in and refracts on various objects. The color of the suncatchers and stained glass will add vibrant colors to the space and make the presence of sunlight even more enjoyable.

Use Fabric for Color Instead of Paint

Although paint is a nice touch for the vehicle’s exterior, it may not be the best choice for decoration inside. Painting the entire interior requires more time and detail, and if you want to change it, you’ll need to remove the items from the interior.

Instead of paint, use assorted color linens to add splashes of color to various parts of the interior. Change the sheets, pillows, and throw blankets for a quick van redesign. Adding seat and chair covers to the driver and passenger seats will also improve the color design you implement.

Focus on the Entryways

Decorating the entryways of your camper or RV will help you step into your world every time you walk in. Decorate the doors with paint, stickers, or even paper wrapping to create a unique design that greets you.

Adding fairy lights to the doorframe of the vehicle’s inside will give you a warm welcome as you step into your comfortable lodgings on wheels. If you have a RAM Promaster, you could use the larger size of the door frame and add a RAM Promaster sliding door screen with a colorful border that you’ll see inside and outside.

Think of Seasonal Appearances

You’ll spend many seasons in your vehicle, making memories as you travel and spend time outdoors. Decorate the space with seasonal ornaments and images during different seasons and holidays.

Surrounding yourself with decorations that fit the time of year can put you in better spirits and ensure your van has a different look every few months. Seasonal decorations could be anything you want, from colorful Easter eggs in hanging baskets to fake cobwebs hanging on your plants for Halloween.

Decorations are an excellent way to add a special touch to your vehicle. Use this guide to decorate your camper van or RV and create a space that feels festive, inviting, and overall comfy, whether on or off the road.

The Complete Guide to Decorating Your RV or Camper Van
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