The Best Advice for Beating the Heat When Living in a Van

The Best Advice for Beating the Heat When Living in a Van

It feels good to experience the fresh cool air of the outdoors as you sit in your camper van with the windows cracked open. However, when it becomes too warm, the inside of the van may feel like a sauna, and you’ll need ways to counter the heat. Read on to find methods to help you rest easy in your van on warm days and nights.

Keep a Constant Circulation of Air

Airflow will be your friend during hot days, and the most convenient source will be the outdoor air. Circulating the air in the van will help the heat escape and let in fresh air from the outside.

Keep the windows and doors open as much as possible to let in the most air and reduce heat buildup inside the van. Place van bug screens on the doors to keep insects out so they don’t ruin the refreshing feeling of your air circulation. You should also decrease the amount of sunlight that enters your van, as it makes you feel warmer.

Park in the Shade

During a warm day, we seek shade to cool ourselves down. Park in the shade to beat the heat when living in a van, and you won’t need to worry about moving around or finding another resource for cooling.

Areas surrounded by trees or tall structures will have the most shade to cover the van throughout the day. Parking with the windshield or doors facing perpendicular to the direction of the sun’s path will prevent the van from heating up as fast.

Sleep on a Cooler Mattress

The mattress you sleep on will make you feel colder or warmer. For example, a cotton mattress will retain heat and warm your body as you lie on it. But a mattress with cooling gel layers will regulate temperatures and prevent your body heat from excessively warming the mattress.

Use a mattress with cooling properties to reduce the heat and help you feel less warm as you sleep at night. As your doors are closed, the circulating air won’t have as much potency, and the van’s interior will heat up quickly, making your mattress an important source of cool relief.

Stay Near the Water

It takes more energy to heat a body of water, such as a lake, than the land, making the water an ideal source of coolness to beat the heat while living in a van. The moving water of a stream or river will generate some air due to the lapsing of the current, and you’ll feel cooler while you camp near it.

A large body of water, such as one of the Great Lakes, will have cool air coming inland, which cools the surrounding land and creates a pleasant place to camp. The water will also make a great place to take a dip and cool down after staying in the warm air for hours.

The heat makes it difficult to enjoy van life, so use these tips to help you stay cool. When it feels too warm and the sun beats down on you, use this guide to help you beat the heat and get back to enjoying your camper van.

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