Solutions to Common RV Screen Door Problems

Solutions to Common RV Screen Door Problems

If you own an RV, you know a screen door is a great addition when you want to keep the door open while blocking debris and insects. While the screened-in porch vibe is enjoyable, your screen door can become compromised from use over time. Check out these solutions to common RV screen door problems so you can ensure your recreational vehicle stays in great condition.

Broken Slider

A screen door slider is typically made of plastic or a combination of materials. This panel covers and uncovers the door latch or lock. Over time, the slider can crack or become discolored due to frequent sun exposure. Thankfully, screen door sliders are inexpensive and easy to replace. You’ll need to know your RV’s year, make, and model to find the best slider, as well as the slider’s measurements.

Once you have acquired the correct slider for your screen door, remove the current slider, clean the tracks, and pop in the new slider. If you find the slider isn’t sitting properly in the tracks, you may need to trim it for the perfect fit.

Damaged Screen

Another solution to a common RV screen door problem involves a damaged screen. The mesh screen can wear down over time due to many factors. If you accidentally gouge a small hole in the screen, you can patch it up with a repair kit from an auto repair retailer.

However, if the screen is torn, you should replace it. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. Either way, you will be able to keep the existing door frame and swap out the mesh. If you frequently travel with young children or pets and want to prevent the screen from tearing, consider purchasing an RV screen door reinforcement panel. Adding an aluminum or steel panel to the bottom of your RV’s screen door can prevent it from being damaged.

Latch Replacement

An RV screen door latch is typically made of lightweight plastic and designed to keep the door in place. Since manufacturers don’t make these latches with durability in mind, they can easily sustain damage over time. If you engage the latch every time you enter and exit your RV, it shouldn’t surprise you that such a small component will break with regular use.

Fortunately, replacing a screen door latch on your RV is simple and inexpensive, and latch replacements are readily available online. Determine whether your door handle is right-facing or left-facing before purchasing a new latch.

Although various issues may arise with your RV screen door over time, they are easy to fix. Looking for even more ways to enjoy the fresh air from inside your recreational vehicle? The Bug Wall offers high-quality Ford transit window bug screens that keep pests out. Contact one of our team members to learn how you can upgrade your RV or van today!

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