Questions You Should Ask Before Buying an RV Bug Screen

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying an RV Bug Screen

It's essential for your RV to have a secure space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The RV bug screen is your go-to tool for keeping insects and other pests out and keeping the tranquility in. Read on to find out what questions to ask before buying an RV bug screen and improving your vehicle.

How Much Maintenance Will It Need?

Like any part of the vehicle, the bug screen will require maintenance to ensure it doesn't break or become obsolete. Understand how much maintenance the bug screen needs before installing it, as they may vary in size, shape, and materials.

Some bug screens for the door of your RV are made of metal mesh with plastic mesh windows. Metal requires cleaners that aren't too strong, as harsh chemicals may wear down the material. Plastic is easier to clean but may stain more depending on what contacts the surface.

Consider what you'll need to do and how often you’ll have to take care of your screen door to keep pests out. Maintenance is essential for any part of the RV, even the parts you overlook.

How Much Wind Will It Handle?

Bug screens have multiple purposes and benefits. They keep bugs out while allowing fresh air to flow into the vehicle, enhancing circulation. The wind may become a problem on certain days, especially in the spring and fall, when it becomes more powerful from the shift in temperatures and air pressure.

How much wind the bug screen will handle is an important question to ask before buying one for your RV. Certain materials like metal will hold better than plastic wire or fiberglass.

A metal-on-metal bug screen will withstand more wind and retain its shape, but you should question how well it will hold up if you have a wooden frame with plastic wire. Ask about durability when buying your bug screen to save time and money on repairs.

What Kind of Bug Screen Should I Get?

Bug screens come in many variations, especially our screens at The Bug Wall. Knowing what type of bug screen you need for your vehicle is essential for a proper setup to keep bugs out. We have different options if you need a Sprinter van bug screen for a sliding door.

Question the available choices, such as the chill curtain bug screen, if you need a screen to keep in more heat. Options are important in life, and you'll want as many as possible for your RV.

Ask questions when buying your bug screen, and get all the knowledge you need to make the best selection. Bug screens are essential equipment, and the right questions will ensure your RV has what it needs to handle insects in the wild.

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