Must-Haves for Your Sprinter Camper Van Conversion

Must-Haves for Your Sprinter Camper Van Conversion

You need numerous things to live comfortably while camping, such as a way to clean yourself, a clean water source, and a power supply. Camper vans can store multiple resources. Some people may convert their Sprinter van into a camper as a personal project. Every camper must have specific features for the wilderness, so make sure to include these must-haves in your conversion.

Toilet With Plumbing

Everyone needs a clean restroom. A reliable toilet will help you on your travels. Ensure the toilet has a good plumbing system that allows you to flush and refill the toilet with sanitary water so the waste tank releases at a different location.

Your plumbing should have a solid filtration system since clean water is hard to come by in nature. You’ll want to ensure that the plumbing is reliable and that the toilet water does not mix with water from the faucet, so call a plumber to double-check your work.


It is easy to get dirty, especially camping, hiking, or swimming in a lake. A shower is an important resource in your Sprinter camper van conversion so you can wash off after a long day outside. Good hygiene is essential if you become wounded because the wound could get infected. Ensure that your shower is capable of producing hot water for areas that are generally colder to help your body temperature stay up.


There are times when it will feel cold outside, even during the summer months. To counter drops in temperature, you’ll need to insulate your van. Campers like the Ford Transit will have large windows, which cold air will breach.

Sheep’s wool is the best option to trap heat due to its fluffy texture. It will also fit in the tight spaces around things like your Ford transit mosquito net. And because of its heat retention, your camper van will feel comfortably warm on mildly cold nights and make frigid nights bearable when you wrap yourself in blankets.

Power Supply

You will most likely have your phone or other devices on camping trips, so a reliable power supply is necessary when making your Sprinter camper van conversion. The power supply you use, such as a generator, should have a charge of at least 100W. Solar panels are a great renewable energy source that’s safe for the environment and will supply the van with enough power daily.

These essential features for your camper will take time to install. But they will make your van reliable and your camping experience more manageable.

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