How To Choose a Bug Screen for Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

How To Choose a Bug Screen for Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

The potential of a Mercedes Sprinter van makes van camping feel like a dream. But to complete the experience of spending time outdoors, you'll need a bug screen to prevent insects and pests from entering your van. Read on for some helpful information to choose the best bug screen for your Mercedes Sprinter van.

The Importance of a Bug Screen

Bug screens are your defense against bugs that could enter your van and make themselves at home without your knowledge. Bug screens have designs that prevent insects from squeezing their way through the windows or doors of your van while allowing air to continue flowing in.

Every camper van should have a bug screen for the benefits it provides to the vehicle and the residents inside. Using a bug screen will also prevent harmful insects such as mosquitoes and wasps from getting inside, allowing a peaceful time inside the confines of your vehicle.

Why the Right Bug Screen Is Essential

Just as a bug screen is important in your van, having the right option for your Sprinter van is essential. A bug screen that is the wrong size or that won't be an effective security measure will not make a good choice for you.

The right bug screen should fit your Sprinter van and give you the protection you need from bugs, regardless of the scenario. You want your Sprinter van to have the best security possible, even from the smallest threats that could fly or crawl in—and the bug screen for your van will do that when you choose the right one.

How To Find the Best Bug Screen

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best bug screen for your Sprinter van. Take the time to think about how the bug screen would benefit your traveling and what you want it to do. Every part of your van camping experience should be as comfortable as possible, and considering what you want in your bug screen will make camping better with your best choice in insect protection.

Consider What You Want Your Bug Screen To Do

While the general function of a bug screen is to keep bugs out and let fresh air in, you'll want to consider what else you want the screen to do. Some bug screens will have more UV protection and won't feel the effects of the sun's rays, which is a helpful trait for people who sunburn easily.

Certain bug screens will have variations of buckles and zippers for extra security and will roll up for the times you need to move larger items into or out of the van. You want the bug screen to give you comfort and satisfaction in your Sprinter van, and you want to choose the option to give you different perks that make your time in the van easier.

Consider Where You Will Travel

The places you go will vary, and the different campsites and campgrounds you stop at will have different conditions you must handle. Certain states, such as Louisiana, Florida, or Texas, will have a larger mosquito population, making a Sprinter van mosquito net essential for protection. But other states, such as Oregon or Maine, have many forested areas with multiple small insects, which may require a denser screen to prevent them from getting inside.

In the winter, colder states in the Midwest may require screens for your van doors that block out the cold winds and allow warm light to pass through. The areas you travel to will influence your decision to choose the right bug screen for your sprinter van. You want to have the best preparation for your camping and keep yourself safe while sleeping outdoors.

The Type of Sprinter Van You Have Is Important

Sprinter vans are wonderful vehicles and have the capabilities for numerous attachments. It's important to know that Sprinter vans have variations in their size and design that give more space to people and cargo. Consider these models of Sprinter vans when choosing a bug screen for it so you make the best choice that will suit the type of van.

Mercedes Sprinter Cargo

The Cargo model will have the smallest dimensions out of the three available models of Sprinter vans but still holds a comfortable amount of space. Multiple diesel options will work well for travelers on the road when some fueling options aren't available. The chassis cab is customizable, which makes it a great option for installing a bug screen or any other equipment you may need for your journey.

Mercedes Sprinter Extended Cargo

The Extended Cargo is a larger version of the Cargo model and the largest of the three versions of Sprinters. The Sprinter Extended Cargo has a length of about 24 feet, making it 2 feet longer than the Cargo model.

This model will benefit campers with increased space, which is great for interior installations. The larger length makes the sliding doorway larger, creating the need for a larger bug screen to cover the area. The size of your bug screen is important to keep in mind for your Sprinter van to choose the best option that will be the right fit.

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger

As the name suggests, this model will fit multiple passengers and normally transport numerous people. The moderate size creates opportunities for numerous customizations, making multiple bug screens a good match. This van will also come in a gas or diesel version, making it flexible for fueling when traveling across the land.

Maintenance of the Screen Is Essential

Even after you choose the bug screen, it's important to know how to maintain it. The bug screens sold here at The Bug Wall will greatly defend against the natural elements, including the sun, water, and wind.

Please ensure there aren't any objects leaning against the screen that may cause it to lose its elasticity or cause a puncture. If the zipper or buckles are stuck, don't use excessive force to open them, as you could cause a tear if you pull too hard.

Bug screens are an important part of the van camper lifestyle, and your Sprinter van will need one for a proper setup. Protection from bugs is essential for your van, and choosing the best option will determine your van's security and the quality of your time in the environment.

How To Choose a Bug Screen for Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

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