Debunking 3 Common Myths About RVs and Camper Vans

Debunking 3 Common Myths About RVs and Camper Vans

An RV or camper van is the best mode of transportation when we want to make the outdoors our home or travel the land in a comfortable living space. Many people know of these vehicles but believe some myths based on their unknown features. Read on to understand these vehicles and debunk three myths about RVs and camper vans.

Myth: RVs and Camper Vans Are the Same

Many people who don't experience the culture of van or RV living mistake these two vehicles for being the same. In reality, numerous differences separate RVs from camper vans.

  • An RV is larger than any camper van.
  • An RVs interior creates an atmosphere of being inside the home.
  • Campers have more open space to customize.
  • Most RVs have built-in toilets.
  • Camper vans require people to use an external toilet.

While the two vehicles meet and diverge in different areas regarding lifestyle choices, distinguishing their differences will clear up any myths surrounding them. The clarification between the features of each vehicle will also help you in case you decide to buy one for the road.

Myth: There Aren't Many Options for RV and Camper Vans

You'll have a full range of options for the RV or camper you want to drive. Numerous styles of RVs have different layouts and designs. Different furnishings and table placements fit the preferences of travelers and create a comfortable setting.

Camper vans often come in different styles by car manufacturers such as Ford, RAM, and Mercedes-Benz. Each model has varying designs that make them unique. Camper vans also have different attachments, such as a Ford Transit bug screen to keep bugs out as you open the windows or doors.

Myth: Living in an RV or Camper Van Is Difficult

While traveling and staying in one place in your vehicle is different than home life, living in an RV or camper van is not difficult. Debunking this common myth about RVs and camper vans, people don't consider the numerous modifications you could make to the vehicles. Campers have space for different installations, such as folding beds, countertops, or carpeting.

You may remove or replace RV furniture for more comfortable options. Additions will make resting and living easy, such as a water pressure regulator or step bracer to fortify the bottom step. Despite what people may say, living in an RV or camper presents the freedom to see the world in a space all your own.

RVs and camper vans have many features that make them wonderful vehicles. Reconsider your ideas about these vehicles, and don't believe the myths. Rent or buy an RV or camper, and experience the value and lifestyle for yourself and create your truths.

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