Creative Ways To Use Bug Screens To Protect Your Garden

Creative Ways To Use Bug Screens To Protect Your Garden

Protecting your plants from extreme weather, insects, and other animals is important if your garden contains plants or vegetables in raised beds. You can increase your production and perhaps even extend your harvest into fall and winter by using garden bed covers. Continue reading to learn some creative ways to use bug screens to protect your garden.

Frost Protection

Several types of garden bed covers are available on the market, such as mini hoop tunnels, portable cold frames, and row covers. Each option looks slightly different and has its use case, but the main goal is to protect your plants and vegetables.

The weather conditions can greatly affect the success of your garden, so it’s important to prepare for sudden dips in temperature. Namely, you want to protect your plants from frost. Common frost covers include polyethylene sheeting and row covers that you place over your bounty in spring and fall.

You can easily shelter your vegetables by covering them with a lightweight, fabric-like cover. You’ll want to consider how much sunlight can pass through the fabric if you plan to cover your garden for an extended period. For example, a lightweight row cover allows up to 90% of light to pass through, so it’s a good long-term solution.

Reduce Pest Damage

Insects, large and small, can wreak havoc on your garden. Consider investing in a garden cover to keep cabbage worms, slugs, and flea beetles from infiltrating your space. Using a cover to protect your crops will also deter larger animals, such as rabbits and deer.

Gardeners typically leave pest protection covers in place for weeks or months, so you must choose a durable solution. Barrier fabrics and insect netting are good options because they both allow light in. Without proper sunlight, your plants won’t grow.

Save Money

You can save yourself money in the long run when you rely on creative ways to use bug screens to protect your garden. Garden covers shield your plants from inclement weather and pests, so you can increase your overall output.

You can grow more food and save money on groceries when you use these covers to maximize your production. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on fresh produce at the supermarket. Instead, you can harvest from your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can improve the quality and freshness of your food by focusing on a garden-to-table lifestyle.

Extend the Harvest Season

Using a mini hoop tunnel or cold frame in your garden beds can potentially extend your harvest season into fall or even winter. As mentioned above, a longer growing season means you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables for most of the year.

Garden covers also give you a head start on the spring planting season. You can harvest months earlier if you’re able to plant earlier in the season. Accelerating the growing process can increase your yield throughout each season.

It’s important to keep pesky insects away from your garden, but it’s also essential to prevent them from flying into your campervan. At The Bug Wall, we offer high-quality RV bug screens designed to keep the bugs out. Find the best option for your needs and enjoy the great outdoors in a protected vehicle.

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