Common Mistakes People Make That Can Damage Your RV

Common Mistakes People Make That Can Damage Your RV

The recreational vehicle (RV) lifestyle has exploded in popularity. From retirees to young families, more and more people are hitting the open road in the comfort of their mobile homes. RV owners who want to keep their vehicles in top form should learn about the common mistakes people make that can damage their RVs.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

An RV is a complex piece of machinery and, like any vehicle, requires routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Oil changes, brake checks, and inspecting tire condition are critical tasks. Don’t overlook the auxiliary systems, including the generator, refrigerator, and air conditioning, which also fall under the maintenance umbrella. A preventative approach to upkeep can avert major repairs down the road.

Regular checks of the roof, for instance, can help you catch and prevent water damage. A roof sealant inspection is another simple yet essential step. Without a functioning seal, water can seep into your RV, causing an array of negative consequences, from cosmetic issues to the growth of mold.

Overloading the RV

An RV can carry your possessions wherever you go. However, overloading is a common mistake people make that can damage their RVs and undermine their structural integrity. It can lead to problems like suspension wear, brake failure, and even engine damage. Even weight distribution is a key factor in maintaining your RV’s health and performance.

A good rule to follow is never to exceed the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of your RV. The manufacturer sets this limit, and it accounts for the maximum safe weight the vehicle can carry.

Ignoring Water System Maintenance

An RV’s water system is its lifeblood. From fresh water to gray and black tanks, each component needs regular attention. Failing to maintain these systems can result in leaks, blockages, and malfunctioning waste disposal.

To stay ahead of water-related issues, you should regularly check for leaks around fittings and inspect all water lines for damage. Treat and empty tanks, and give attention to cleaning them. Also, always use RV-specific toilet paper and chemicals to protect your vehicle’s sewage system.

Overlooking Pest Prevention

An RV is a movable home on wheels, and like all homes, it’s at risk of pest infestation. Rodents, insects, and even bigger creatures can find their way into your RV if you're not proactive about keeping them out. Aside from the damage caused by gnawing and nesting, pests can carry diseases.

Implementing simple yet effective preventative measures, such as sealing any gaps and keeping the interior clean and free of food sources, can go a long way in averting infestations. Regularly inspect your RV for signs of intrusion, and if necessary, consult a professional on the best ways to protect your vehicle from unwanted inhabitants. The Bug Wall is committed to keeping your home on wheels a comfortable and safe place to enjoy all year long. Our Ford Transit window bug screens prevent annoying insects from flying into your vehicle, so you can enjoy the outdoors hassle-free. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your RV now and in the future!

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