A Quick Guide to the Best Jobs for Vanlifers

A Quick Guide to the Best Jobs for Vanlifers

Great excitement awaits people interested in living in a camper van; however, it’s essential to have a job supporting this lifestyle. Fortunately, numerous jobs will provide you with a stable income that won’t require you to sacrifice the freedom of van life. Here’s a quick guide to the perfect jobs for vanlifers that will help you stay financially afloat as you drive from place to place.

Freelance Writer

Gig work is popular with many people. Writing content and emails, editing, and proofreading are potential jobs that suit van life. Look into various apps or websites for freelance writers, such as Upwork or Fiverr.

Freelance writing opens many avenues to travel and offers numerous chances to make money wherever you go. You could have numerous projects on different deadlines and complete them between destinations. Then, you can submit them when you reach your destination.


A photography job is a great match for the van lifestyle since you’ll visit different places and constantly be on the road. Many companies want a skilled photographer who delivers numerous photos of unique landscapes for websites or blogs.

Nature photography is one of the best jobs for van life since you’ll likely stay on campgrounds surrounded by nature. Practice your snapshots and find the right angle at the golden hour to make a career from your skills with a camera.


Countless people enjoy the skilled work of artisans. Use your artistic skills to make various items for sale online. Artisan work may include woodwork, pottery, and glass blowing.

A large van such as a RAM Promaster is ideal for artisanal work. Attach a Promaster rear door screen for better ventilation when crafting and using paint or chemicals. Utilize the skills you have or teach yourself to generate income.

Seasonal Employee

Seasonal employees have temporary positions and work during specific seasons. The short time spent in one location for work makes this a great job for vanlifers. Since you frequently travel from place to place, you could have multiple jobs in one year.

As a seasonal employee, your job will occur annually, and you’ll have better flexibility in your scheduling. Find seasonal jobs in different states to give you a reason to travel. Your various jobs throughout the year may lead to a higher income without the restriction of staying at a single workplace.

Van life should be liberating, and with these jobs, you’ll be able to make money on your travels. Consider taking on these occupations that align with your lifestyle—you’ll have your cake and eat it too!

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