A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in a Mercedes Sprinter Van

A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in a Mercedes Sprinter Van

Many people across the nation have started converting their vans into camper vans to begin their journey of van camping. Many people have used Sprinter vans for van camping because of their design and capabilities on the road. People new to van camping will find this guide useful in understanding how a Sprinter van will affect their time on the road and in the outdoors.

What Is a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

In 1995, Mercedes Benz produced the first Sprinter van, which created new opportunities in van camping and van camper conversions. Many people have used this van for various tasks, including the transportation of cargo and people over the year with great efficiency and reliable performance. Mercedes-Benz continues to produce new models in 2022 with better performance and improved structure to enhance the experience of driving a large van.

What Makes the Sprinter Van a Reliable Camper Van?

Sprinter vans are better than RVs due to their convenient size and versatile configuration. The opportunities for the conversion of a Sprinter van are numerous, with multiple optional features, such as new flooring and fixtures on the walls. Compared to car camping and the generalized method of camping with a tent, camping with a Sprinter van allows for a comfortably luxurious experience in which you may change the layout of your “campsite.” Over the past few years, van camping has blown up, despite the prospect of the lifestyle originating as early as the 1950s. This van is superior to its competitors in terms of performance, cost, and creative freedom for conversions. Because of its great qualities, many people have taken to using a Sprinter van for their camping needs.


The performance of the Sprinter van makes it a wonderful choice for travel. Although vans aren't known for speed, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van will reach about 90 mph, outclassing most vans that typically have a top speed of 60-70 mph. The 2.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine creates strong bursts of speed, which is better for fuel economy and traveling. This luxury van’s horsepower reaches almost 190, so it will effortlessly drive for long periods without losing speed. The drive train of the Sprinter van will provide the best reliability in handling different terrain in various environments.


This van has a spacious interior that will give you plenty of breathing room and comfort. Beginners who camp in a Mercedes Sprinter van will find that they have room for themselves, other people, or small furniture, such as a bed or a small table. The height of the Sprinter will make a great feature for van campers, as height is important in your cozy living space. The average length of the Sprinter van is 12 to 14 feet, allowing plenty of leg room. Despite its size, the great performance allows for great handling on the road.

Various Options

There are different models to choose from when buying a Sprinter van. Most people convert the Cargo Sprinter Van into a camper since most of the vehicle is empty, making it easier to add furniture or convert the interior. More windows are necessary in the conversion of the Cargo model to have the full experience of your surroundings while inside. You will need to add windows if you have the Cargo model, since there aren't any except for the front windows.

The Passenger and Crew models have seats in the back and are typically used for driving people around. Most of the work of the conversion goes into the interior for these models, but one of the pros of the conversion are the available windows. It's helpful to have options in your van conversion endeavors, and the Mercedes Sprinter van has you covered.

The Cost of Living in a Sprinter Van

There are numerous expenses that come with van living to sustain this lifestyle. Beginners who camp in Sprinter vans should keep in mind that the food and supplies they need will add additional costs. But a Sprinter van will always have needs for the conversion and additional living expenses to improve it.


Adding accessories to the van will help you during your time outdoors. A Sprinter van bug screen will assist your time inside by keeping out bugs while protecting your food storage and belongings. It’s helpful to have gear such as roof racks or a barbeque grill attached to your van for an easier time transporting goods and cooking. However, these accessories will cost more when converting your Sprinter van and should be factored into a budget to make your camper van journey fiscally manageable.


Beginning campers should understand that Sprinter vans will require constant maintenance. Since the van will act as your home and form of transportation, you need to have the van checked for any maintenance issues. Frequent trips to the mechanic will cost a significant amount of money for you and your Sprinter van, but if you plan and budget properly, it should still be affordable.

How To Choose Which Sprinter Van To Convert

Choosing a camper van takes a lot of consideration of different aspects. The features of the different types of Sprinter vans listed above should help you make a decision.

Consider Your Ideal Conversion

You should always have an idea of what you want your conversion to look like in the end. The Cargo Sprinter style has plenty of open space in the back, giving you numerous options for how you may style the interior.

The Passenger and Crew Sprinters already have windows. The multiple windows may give you a better idea of additional van upgrades, such as adding a window tint or curtains.

Consider Your Camping and Driving Needs

If you plan on camping more than you drive, adding different features to the van’s interior will help you recharge faster before hitting the road again. Using blackout curtains to block out the outside light or a portable heating or cooling system will improve your quality of sleep. But if you plan to travel more, the Passenger and Crew models will have better performance on the road since they were built to handle longer drives and have fewer performance issues.

There are numerous aspects that go into van camping, and it may take some time before you become adjusted to the lifestyle. But with the tips from this guide, your time traveling and camping throughout different corners of the land will be easier and more enjoyable.

A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in a Mercedes Sprinter Van
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