5 Ways To Make Van Camping More Comfortable

5 Ways To Make Van Camping More Comfortable

Using a van to camp in the great outdoors is a great way to experience nature conveniently. Many people across the country use camper vans to travel and occasionally live in them as mobile homes. These vans offer many styles and customization options but may lack comfort; fortunately, there are ways to improve the comfort of your van to make your camping experience more fun.

Have Plenty of Options for Warmth and Cooling

While you camp, you will encounter different temperatures ranging from intense heat to shivering cold. You will need items to combat the temperatures and help you feel more comfortable in your camper van. Pack blankets and comforters to warm you up and a cooling neck wrap to cool you off.

You should also consider bringing a portable heater and electric fan so you will have options for temperature regulation. Extreme temperatures will make your camping experience uncomfortable, so ensure you have something to warm up or cool down with inside the van.

Try Using Multiple Blankets Instead of One Large Comforter

Comforters are a quick way to trap heat around your body, but given their thickness, it may become hard to maneuver or spread your body outwards. Instead of using a comforter, multiple blankets will let you determine how much warmth you need. And if you ever need something to lay on, the blankets will make a nice pillow to rest your head when folded.

Add More Foam to Your Cushions

Your van’s upholstery may not meet your standards for comfort when camping in your van, but there is a way to improve that. Adding more foam or cotton to your seats or cushions will make them more comfortable. You can also replace the external material with something softer like felt.

Having a Basic Layout Gives More Options

There is comfort in simplicity, and you will find plenty of room for improvement or style when you create a layout in your camper that focuses on your basic needs. The basics, such as comfortable flooring and storage space, will allow you to conveniently store your items while leaving room to stretch out for sleep. Adding an RV bug screen will keep bugs out so you can enjoy your time in your van.

Keep a Hammock for Outside Relaxation

When your time in the camper starts to feel tiring, a hammock will allow you to rest in nature. A nice, sturdy hammock will allow you to sleep or relax outside of your van, between two trees and surrounded by wildlife.

A camper van is an excellent way to enjoy the environment from a comfortable place. Adding more features or items to make your camping experience comfortable is a great idea, especially if you plan to go camping for a long period.

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