5 Sprinter Van Upgrades for the Ultimate Camping Life

5 Sprinter Van Upgrades for the Ultimate Camping Life

The idea of turning a cargo van into a mini-RV has been taking the camping world by storm. There are quite a few models that make for great conversions, but the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the best options. If you decide to buy a Sprinter van, there are some upgrades you’ll want to install to get your ultimate camping life started on the right foot.

Antenna Router

You probably know the basics you need to start your conversion like a bed, kitchenette, and water storage. Still, one of the essentials that some people don’t think about is installing an antenna-based router for internet usage. Obviously, the point of getting a campervan is to enjoy the outdoors, but if you plan on living in it for a while, you’re going to need internet access at some point. These devices allow you to use a variety of carriers so you can ensure that you always have the strongest signal possible.

Improved Suspension and Tires

The tires and suspension system that come with your Mercedes Sprinter are certainly serviceable, but their design was intended for road driving. If you plan to do a significant amount of off-roading to find your own special spot in the wild, you’ll want to upgrade these elements. The suspension will help lessen the feel of bumps you hit, while the tires will ensure that you have the proper amount of grip needed to drive through rougher terrain.

Shades and Screens

One of the downsides to campervans is they don’t have all the extra features that standard RVs feature, like shades and screens. However, there are plenty of Sprinter upgrades that will have you living the ultimate camping life in no time. You can find plenty of high-quality window shades online, and you’re already in the right place for screens. Here at The Bug Wall, we have a fine selection of Sprinter van mosquito nets for you to choose from.

Solar Panels

Depending on how many electronic devices you plan to use in your campervan, there’s a good chance that the van’s battery won’t be able to hold out for too long. There won’t always be a place to plug in for the night, depending on the type of camping you plan to do, so solar panels might be a necessity for you. If you find a spot without too much tree cover, some roof panels will be able to extend your van’s battery life significantly.

Swivel Car Seats

For our final suggestion, we think you should buy some swivel stands for your front car seats. With limited space, you must make do with what is already in the van. If you can turn your chairs around, you won’t have to worry about installing any extra seating, allowing you to use that space for other amenities. Just make sure it has strong locking mechanics so that it’s still a safe place to sit while the Sprinter is in motion.

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