5 Must-Know Tips for Van Camping With Your Dogs

5 Must-Know Tips for Van Camping With Your Dogs

Taking your dog (or dogs) on a camping trip is a great way to make things more fun for everyone who goes. Plus, we’re sure your dog will love it too! However, if you primarily use a campervan for these types of trips, there are some things you’ll need to be aware of. This list of must-know tips for van camping with your dogs will help you make sure you’re ready for a long trip.

Do a Few Trial Runs

Just because your dogs like to ride in the car with you on short trips and play outside at the park doesn’t mean they’re ready for a long campervan trip. Take a few trips around town with them in the van to see what they think of it. You can also try camping out in your own yard with them to see what they think of spending the night in the van. Try a one-night trip once they seem comfortable, and gradually build from there. They’ll be full-time campervan dogs in no time!

Set a Space Aside Specifically for Them

Most dogs like to have a space all to their own that they can retreat to if they’re tired or scared. They’ll need a spot like that in the van too, which is likely already cramped. If you can fit a cage for them, that’ll work perfectly. At the very least, you should try to find a corner that can house a bed for them to sleep.

Keep Your Van Cool

We’re sure your dogs will come with you whenever you leave the van, but there will be occasions in which you’ll need to leave them behind. When that happens, make sure there’s a way to ventilate the van so they don’t overheat. You could potentially install a roof vent, but a much easier option is to get one of our Ford Transit window bug screens. Not only do they keep pesky insects out, but they will allow you to leave a door open for ventilation while preventing your dogs from escaping.

Buy Supplies To Clean Up After Them

Not only is it essential to have specific items for cleaning up after your dogs when they relieve themselves outside, but you’ll need things to clean messes they make in your van as well. Accidents don’t happen often, but they’re certainly possible, so you’ll need to be able to scrub carpets and sheets when necessary. Some dogs shed a lot too, so having the gear to clean up loose fur is also important.

Plan Dog-Friendly Trips

Our final tip for van camping with your dogs is to plan your trips with them in mind. Not only will you need to make frequent stops for them to relieve themselves—which will be more often than you—but you must find dog-friendly campsites. Just because you’re spending your nights in the great outdoors doesn’t mean the campsite allows dogs to run around freely. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, finding dog-friendly sites is easy!

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