5 Great Places To Enjoy Van Living in the U.S.A.

5 Great Places To Enjoy Van Living in the U.S.A.

Many people enjoy the outdoors, and because of this, some may decide to begin a life of van living. Van living for many people involves spending a lot of time in the great outdoors while never really staying in one location and calling the van their home. Fortunately for those engaged in van life, there are many great places in the U.S. to enjoy van living. Here are five of our favorites:

White Sands National Park, NM

The picturesque white sands of this national park are a great place to stay in your camper van. The wide expanse of pure white sand is like no other place in the U.S., and there are plenty of places to park and relax. The area is great for taking hikes and has several campgrounds for those who want a more secluded stay in their camper. And for those who like plenty of sun, there aren't any trees for at least two miles, so you'll have plenty of sunshine and vitamin D.

Moonlight Beach, CA

Many parts of California are known for multiple outdoor activities in good weather. Bikers, yoga enthusiasts, and sports teams won't have any problems with you setting up camp on this beach. There is a parking lot overlooking the entirety of the beach, which makes for a great view away from most of the public. Plus, you’re never too far from the water and activities on the sandy shore.

Rocky Mountains, CO

The Rocky Mountains are a staple of the U.S. and its campsites provide a great place to enjoy van living. Numerous peaks, valleys, and terraces, too, will make great places to stop and rest while admiring the beauty of the vast landscape. Grassy paths and forested hills with snowy peaks will add tranquility to your time in the mountains. You may encounter some small and large wildlife, but they are usually docile, and you can keep the insects at bay with the help of a RAM Promaster bug screen.

Kelso Dunes, CA

The Kelso Dunes are a wide expanse of aeolian sand in the Mojave Desert. The numerous dunes make for a good hike, and camping between them can give you a feeling of seclusion. The beautiful desert sky will have numerous stars at night since it is clear and away from most light pollution.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

The famous Grand Canyon of the United States is a natural and national wonder. Many people visit the Grand Canyon National Park as tourists and campers, but given its immense expanse, van living shouldn't be a problem. There are numerous places to camp with different terrain, including rocky patches, sandy fields, and occasional areas with dried grass. The multiple high and low areas will offer a view of the cavernous walls and areas of the canyon floor that you must see.

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