4 Ways To Make Your RV More Energy Efficient

4 Ways To Make Your RV More Energy Efficient

It’s important to use energy-saving methods and technology to ensure you make the most of what you have. In your RV, you’ll also need to make the most of your resources, and some energy-efficient practices will help you. Read on to find ways to make your RV more energy efficient and improve van life.

Switch to Solar Power

Solar energy is a powerful resource that will convert into electricity when using solar panels. Attach solar panels to your RV’s roof so they can soak in the sun’s powerful rays. This energy-efficient method will give you a passive source of electricity and the energy you need to power devices.

Using an electric generator is a common way to supply electricity for charging your phone or laptop. But generators also take up more room in the van and need to recharge when they run out of energy. Use continuous energy from the sun to help you meet your electrical needs and make your van more energy efficient with one of the most natural power sources.

Use the Outside To Keep You Cool or Warm

Depending on the season and location, your van’s interior may feel cold or warm. A space heater or van may help you regulate the temperature, but a more environmentally friendly approach is the natural air from outside. You won’t need to use electricity or power from the RV to heat or cool the space when you have the cool breeze and warm sun to help you.

Keep the door open to let in the light on a sunny fall day, or ventilate the interior with a cool summer breeze. Large vans such as the RAM Promaster will have more space and require more ventilation and heating for an enjoyable environment. However, leaving the doors or windows open will let in pests like mosquitoes.

Remedy this with a Promaster mosquito net to keep the bugs out and let the elements in. You’ll save energy and make your van feel comfortable by relying on the outside world to heat or cool you.

Maintain Insulation

Insulation is an important part of van life, and your RV will need quality insulation during the cold months when you don’t want to waste electricity on heating. Add insulation where needed and maintain it by keeping it clean and preventing tears from sharp objects. Use wool insulation for the most warmth, and place it around the doors and most of the larger walls in the back of the vans.

Enhance Your Windows

The windows help ventilate the RV and maintain air circulation. Enhancing your windows will improve energy efficiency by letting in more or less light and controlling airflow.

Place removable tints on the windows to control how much light enters and regulate the heat in the van. Add thinner or thicker bug screens to keep bugs out while allowing the air to enter.

Your vehicle’s energy efficiency is a valuable trait that will help you save money and become more eco-friendly. Use these ways to make your RV more energy efficient while maintaining comfort inside its walls.

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