4 Benefits of Magnetic Bug Screens for Your Ford Transit

4 Benefits of Magnetic Bug Screens for Your Ford Transit

Ford Transits are great vehicles for camping and camper van living. While you use yours, you shouldn't have to worry about protection from bugs. Insect screens are your best bet to shield the van's interior from insects, but basic insect screens only do so much. Instead, you may want to try magnetic insect screens, which provide benefits for your Ford Transit that other insect screens don't.

More Security With Magnetic Strips

Magnets attach objects with more strength and durability. It’s harder to pry something away while it has a magnetic connection compared to a connection with the use of strings or latches. The added strength of the magnets keeps the integrity of the big screen secure and prevents the screen from opening due to forces like strong winds.

Automatically Close Behind You

The magnets pull toward each other when close together, which makes the bug screen automatically close. Worrying less about sealing the bug screen with a zipper is one of the benefits of a magnetic bug screen for your Ford Transit. Walking in and out of your Ford Transit will be simpler now that the "door" closes behind you and keeps bugs out. The van will benefit when you need to make multiple back-and-forth trips while setting up camp.

Easy To Install

Installing the magnetic bug screen for your Ford Transit won't take long, and most kits come with all the tools you need. Most magnetic bug screens have an adhesive strip that attaches to the border of the van's back or side door and have Velcro strips attached to the other side of the adhesive. The Velcro holds the screen in place, and the magnets do their job of closing the screen. These easy magnetic screen installations benefit people with Ford transits who don't want to take lots of time setting up.

Saving Money Compared to Other Screens

A customized bug screen is another option when you have a van converted into a camper van, such as a Ford Transit. Every van should have a bug screen, and with its easy use and simple setup, the magnetic bug screen is a more affordable choice than alternatives. Other bug screens require drills and screws for installation, which costs more money since you need to get tools. But because you only need a few items that already come with an installation kit, the magnetic bug screen is a great option compared to other bug screens.

A magnetic bug screen will make camper van life easier, and your Ford Transit will feel more comfortable. Look into a Ford Transit bug screen to make your time in nature easier to adjust to and enjoy.

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