3 Ways To Prevent Bugs From Chewing Through Your Screens

3 Ways To Prevent Bugs From Chewing Through Your Screens

Installing screens throughout your home and vehicle is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without pesky insects flying in your face. However, if your screens begin to develop holes, it becomes nearly impossible to prevent bugs from entering your space. Explore some ways to prevent bugs from chewing through your screens so you can always stay protected.

Use Bug Repellent

A simple way to prevent bugs from chewing through your screens is to purchase a bottle of bug repellant. You’ll want to liberally spray your screens with the repellant to deter pests from latching on and beginning to form holes.

Keep in mind that only certain insects are capable of chewing through screens, so you’ll want to find a repellant that targets crickets, grasshoppers, and wasps. This trio of bugs are known for being world-class chewers. If you notice a wasp nest near your home or vehicle, you can also try using specially formulated wasp spray to protect your screens.

Eliminate the Bugs

Another method to keep your screens intact is to eliminate the bugs around your home. Scheduling routine pest control treatments will keep bugs away from your property. Plus, spraying the area where you park your camper van or conversion van will deter insects from creating holes in your vehicle’s screens.

Professional pest control can be a large upfront investment. However, if it prevents crickets, grasshoppers, and wasps from invading your home or vehicle, it’s worth the expense to avoid buying a new set of screens. Keep in mind that you’ll need to spray your property on a consistent basis to prevent the insects from returning, so plan your budget accordingly.

Invest in High-Quality Screens

One more line of defense against persistent insects is to invest in high-quality screens. If your screens are made from fiberglass, crickets and grasshoppers will eventually chew through them. Thin nylon screens are also easy for them to penetrate. Instead, opt for a heavier aluminum screen that provides a thicker layer of protection. Plus, if you search for a screen that’s labeled pet-friendly, you’ll find that these screens are generally made of heavier wire mesh that bugs won’t chew through.

At The Bug Wall, we provide high-quality Ford Transit bug screens designed to let in the air without all the flying insects. Whether you choose a screen for your rear or side sliding door, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re preventing pests from hitching a ride with you. Contact us today to learn more!

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