3 Ways To Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Bug Wall

3 Ways To Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Bug Wall

Your vehicle deserves the best bug wall for defense against the small creatures of the world: bugs! Fortunately, you can enhance this defense so you can rest peacefully inside your camper. Read on to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your bug wall and keep out creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes.

Spray Screens With Bug Repellent

The best way to improve a bug screen is by repelling insects from going near the screen. Spray bug repellent on the bug wall to deter insects from crawling on the mesh. Various bug repellents fend off various insects, such as flying fiends and large crawlers.

Use ammonia or vinegar to keep creatures away from your bug wall and van. The acidity of these chemicals harms bugs and gives them a reason to second-guess their approach. Reapply the repellent every few days to sure up your defenses.

Use Caulk Around the Border

Although a bug wall is a great line of defense against small intruders, the minuscule pests may squeeze through the mesh. These small openings may appear as imperfections around the border where the mesh connects. Maximize the effectiveness of your bug wall by applying caulk to the border.

The caulk will harden and seal openings around the border. This is ideal for windows since it expands with rising temperatures and has excellent water resistance. When replacing the mesh of the bug wall, apply heat from a source like a hairdryer to soften and remove it. 

Keep Up With Maintenance

Maintenance of your bug wall is essential for creating the best defense. Ensuring the screen stays in excellent condition improves your chances of keeping insects out. Clean the bug wall often with water and soap of a low pH level.

Inspect the screen's border weekly, especially after stormy days with harsh winds and rain. If you damage the screen, we have various replacement options at The Bug Wall, including our RAM Promaster bug screen!

Bug screens need frequent care to protect your vehicle. Use these methods to fortify your line of defense against the many crawling creatures of the world and provide comfort and safety within the walls of your wheeled home.

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