3 Tips To Defend Your RV From Sun Damage

3 Tips To Defend Your RV From Sun Damage

If your RV is constantly outdoors, the sun’s unrelenting UV rays can cause noticeable damage to your vehicle. To avoid difficult and costly repairs, it’s best to protect your RV from the sun as early as possible. In other words, if you wait until the damage has already occurred, it can be difficult to reverse. To keep your vehicle looking and performing its best, check out these tips to defend your RV from sun damage.

Inspect the Sealants

The warm rays of the sun can dry out and crack sealants. Sealants are used to seal your vehicle against damage caused by water and other elements. As a result, dried out sealants often cause leaks throughout your RV, including a leaky roof. A permeable roof can cause mold and mildew to form, as well as weaken the overall structure of your vehicle.

To avoid water damage from dried sealants, be sure to inspect them on a regular basis for cracks or corrosion. If you do notice a crack, you can purchase a lap sealant from your local hardware store and quickly make the repair yourself. Patching cracks is easier and more affordable than the potential damage of an unattended leak. A RV repair professional can also inspect your roof for any damage and repair holes or seal patches if necessary.

Invest in a Cover

Another tip to defend your RV from sun damage is covering it when not in use. If you decide to invest in a cover, be sure it properly fits your vehicle. You don’t want an ill-fitting cover that will rub against your vehicle during blustery weather and cause scratches or other damage to the exterior. On the other hand, avoid purchasing a cover that is too tight, because restricted airflow can cause mold or mildew to form.

If you choose to cover your RV, don’t forget to routinely check underneath to make sure rodents and other wildlife haven’t set up shop. The last thing you want is a squirrel chewing parts of your vehicle when you’re trying to protect it from the sun.

Park in Covered Areas

One of the simplest ways to protect your RV from the sun is to avoid it altogether. Obviously, there’s no way to avoid the sun when you’re driving from one destination to another, but once you arrive, look for protected areas to park. Do your best to position your RV under trees or shady structures before you set up camp.

When you're at home, parking your RV in an indoor storage space is ideal for decreased sun exposure and temperature regulation. However, if that’s not a possibility, a carport provides important shade for your vehicle.

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