3 Common Causes of Damage in Bug Screens

3 Common Causes of Damage in Bug Screens

Bug screens keep the small creatures of the world out of your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are instances when the screen on your RV, van, or camper doesn’t function properly or deteriorates. Learn more about the common causes of damage in bug screens to better prepare yourself for the future.

Wicked Weather

Harsh storms containing high winds and heavy rain often damage bug screens. Windy weather causes debris like dirt and branches to fly in various directions. Your screen’s stability weakens when exposed to these meteorological elements.

Winter also poses a threat in terms of ice and hail. The sharpness of the precipitation can dent the screen and quickly tear holes in the material. Over time, your bug screen will begin to deteriorate as dent after dent causes larger holes to form. Purchasing a screen with strong structural integrity will prevent the need for frequent replacement due to weather damage.

Unrelenting UV Rays

We’ve all been taught to apply sunscreen every day to protect our skin from UV rays, but have you ever considered the damage these rays have on your bug screen? If your vehicle spends an extended period in direct sunlight, that can often damage your bug screen.

Older screens that receive lots of sun exposure will eventually begin to warp and lose structural integrity. A sun-damaged screen is more fragile and can easily tear. Extreme heat from the sun can potentially melt the mesh components of bug screens as well. You can combat sun damage by purchasing a screen consisting of high-quality, UV-resistant materials.

Invading Insects

Ironically, one of the most common causes of damage in bug screens is the bugs themselves! Pesky insects can cause a host of problems for your vehicle’s screen that are difficult to avoid. For example, grasshoppers can sometimes chew through a screen if they’re determined to seek warmth inside your RV or camper on a cold winter’s night.

Similarly, keep an eye out for wasps since they have incredible jaw strength that can potentially penetrate a bug screen. However, having a highly robust screen and checking regularly for damage can prevent them from getting in.

The Bug Wall offers protective options for many different vehicles, so if you’re in the market for a Sprinter van bug screen or a different model, we can help. With our products proudly made in the USA, you can feel confident in your car screen purchase.

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